To recover the original simplicity more attractive Shanghai dragon website

to recover the original simplicity?

in recent years rapidly, new variety of Shanghai dragon website dizzying, whether you are young or experienced in Shanghai dragon ER Shanghai dragon website optimization is even more painstaking, has brought great benefits to the operation of the site, site traffic was increasing. It is very popular for a web site. But as a webmaster, holds the lifeblood of the site, only to rely on short-term revenue is as true pleased with oneself, is very wrong. As a Shanghai dragon ER should have deep eyes, you know you do look far ahead from a high plane, a website is not because of a momentary or fresh impulse was done, your goal is to run a good Shanghai dragon website, the success of the operation and to earn interest, this long time cause you to understand the bait, this is the most attractive in Shanghai Longfeng optimization. So, what should you do to make Shanghai Longfeng site more attractive in the Internet, farther down the road? Xiaobian that recover the original simplicity is the kingly way, following several aspects and colleagues discuss a.

. What is

The development of Shanghai dragon website

on the rail gradually Shanghai Longfeng site, in the continuous optimization of Shanghai dragon even profitable, some profit driven Shanghai dragon ER will slowly ignore the content of the website, which is the key site of success and failure, in other words the focus gradually lose value, this is undoubtedly a the key to a deadly Shanghai dragon website, is not conducive to the long-term operation of Shanghai Longfeng website. If a site has a large number of users, not the value of the content will also affect the whole website traffic size influence website profit. Conversely, if you form a track in Shanghai Longfeng site, still pay attention to the content of construction, and released a lot of valuable content, will make the Shanghai dragon rising in popularity, Shanghai dragon will optimization ranking in front, not to mention the keyword search ranking list. As a Shanghai dragon.

what is the interpretation of Chinese dictionary, recover the original simplicity?: remove the external decoration, to restore the original state of the plain. Here is the extension of ER in Shanghai told the Shanghai dragon dragon in the optimization of excessive packaging to return to the original site after the most attention of local content. In fact, as a Shanghai dragon ER, is not difficult to find in a website to start construction early, remove the layout appearance of the building, the most concern is the content of the website. What users are most concerned about the content, what is the user needs of the content, what kind of content is the most valuable and so are the site of early new Adsense is concerned, Shanghai is also the most simple part of the original dragon optimization part. Therefore, recover the original simplicity is to let more Shanghai dragon ER then focus on return website early, let Shanghai dragon website according to the more attractive, occupy a space for one person in a large number of Shanghai dragon website.

why want to recover the original simplicity?With the formation of


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