Why is the first element of website structure and website weight


gehangrugeshan, in this industry segment’s, no one to master everything, of course, does not rule out the case, those who like Ma Yun, Lei Jun head and wisdom of a class of people, not within the scope of our research, after all, want to become this kind of person is a small probability event. A layman to an inside information, whether the other is to give detailed answers to professional or reject simple and crude, can avoid a psychological: that is, in the logic of thinking has talked about "contempt chain! The most direct realization of contempt chain is my higher than you.


said the website structure, website construction technology for the familiar people, seems to be no sense. Because in those professional technical control eyes, a lot of things that should be done is! But, why to do it! When you ask such questions, the general web technical staff skills and his technical ability is very difficult to sign, in their eyes, this question is posed by white, only with "contempt" look back to you, "and you have nothing to say!"

what is the website weight? Even for insiders, the weight of what they say, is more concerned about the numbers, for example my website weight is 2, his website weight is 4, and the website weight is 8 great xx…… What factors affect the website weight? Most people to answer is content update, the chain construction and so on. Many people seem to have overlooked an important problem, that is the site structure.

structure is a very abstract problem. A good website structure and what is the use? In addition to improve the network.


in fact, this is not what, after all, this is not what I do. However, want to own site has a good weight is the ultimate pursuit of each site, the website of the people do not understand, do not come out, but only for the industry, simply put, is to find someone to do. Arguably, a pay, a money, this is the site to buy a simple process, but the problem came out of

I want to do a business website about how much money? Can often see such a problem, whether in the forum, QQ, or WeChat, or in some community forums…… We have reason for this question lies in that a lot of people out of the price is not the same, but there are many versions of website construction: custom, website marketing, website templates, free website, website…… These are very dazzling, also meet the different needs of consumers, however, what’s the relationship and structure of the website


site structure is some thing hidden in the "heart" in the website, such as Taobao, Taobao has a lot of guest website imitation Taobao website, drill a look, like, again carefully and completely unlike, look at the template site is such, can imitate life, but it is difficult to make the website background complete copy.

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