To improve the website interface design allows users no longer produce fatigue

: first choose a unique and elegant website color

I was a website programmer, it also took a lot of imitation station, the establishment of the list, found a very general rule: almost 90% of the customers are required to site using light blue as the main colors of the site, because the light blue is the most popular main tone. I think this kind of blindly follow the trend of practice is very wrong, but after practice also found that most of the light blue as the main colors of the website bounce rate will be relatively high, it indicates that the user has had fatigued tone of this. So, as a webmaster we should learn to give up, follow the trend of this approach, with some unique and elegant colors to site, it is not a bad thing, such as our A5 webmaster is the use of the website as the main color light yellow, very atmospheric:

second: site layout requirements as far as possible to simplify

details A5 webmaster can be one of the important reasons why, in the same type of website webmaster stand head and shoulders above others so small webmaster should immediately change your old fashioned light blue color, specific color or by your site to determine the type, the author here is not a detailed explanation.

now more and more webmaster may think that the interface design of a web site should be more ornate, so as to attract users. But the idea is wrong, according to the author’s understanding and survey data show that more than 60% users dislike those fancy website layout, flashy without substance. Therefore, I still believe that the site layout can simplify is the best.

This is the

believe that every webmaster want users to be able to favor their own website, but similar to the web interface design, how can let users browse on? Therefore, we have to improve the website interface design consciousness, and put into practice, the intention to create a let people find everything fresh and new website.

so, what kind of layout is simple, atmospheric? First, some websites for their own profit, put on several fling caution to the winds of advertising in a prominent location of the site, it will interfere with the user, therefore, should try to put less useless ad code; second, removed those flashy without substance. Flash animation, flash animation not only to search engine friendly, but also allows the user to open the site to slow down, but also hindered the main content of user browsing the site, not only will become the bane of the website removed.

is the Internet to build a website is not difficult, just find an open source program, and then find some website template sets in it. That is the atmosphere, resulting in web interface design now seems to be the same, the webmaster impact on our website operation is not big, but the user is already had a deep sense of disgust and aesthetic fatigue.


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