Upgrade to the latest method site in the rankings and prevent the noble baby right down

in my experience, as long as it is now doing imitations website, will be punished, but we can make a web site to a little longer, on some selected keywords, not destined to brand, such as your site is LV, the general people will push LV Handbags, but the people do not recommend this I have thus experimented, so, the website linked very quickly, we can push the CHEAP HANDBAGS do not implant brand promotion of the website, such as though will be punished but noble baby attention is very low, can reduce the risk of being right down.

1 Google now very fancy website content is the content of high quality

I have engaged in the Shanghai dragon has been two years, here I talk about my views on the Shanghai dragon.

I think

I am the most successful website, ranking the fastest website is to use black chain and a chain, other what is of no use, the domain name for about half a month, then began with black chain and the chain, black chain chain are less in the chain, most of the station, and the three day of the black chain and the chain began ranking, some primary and secondary competition has come to the first three pages (Note: at this time I only added the subject), then a few days later I started to update the station blog, then began to push the long tail hair, a lot of long tail word, with a mass but, the resource must be not easy to remove, to stabilize the resources, then go to these articles spam. rankings very quickly, made a few days have a long tail word ranking, but I found that through the purchase of long tail came in the desire of people than in the subject Strong.

is just the practical experience to write out the conclusion about what good method can also practice. After all, everyone’s methods are not the same. Welcome to reprint. 贵族宝贝louisvuittonhandbagoutlets贵族宝贝/ my site. Hope is a reprint link

proper thank you! Google

I found that, if not the stability of the chain site will hang behind it, quickly, if the resource is stable, and the proper way, the website will generally persist for a long time. But now in my opinion of noble baby, as long as the brand imitation, the site will be right down, but the length of time the problem of nobility baby study website. From the noble baby to imitation punishment in fourth mentioned

is now very fancy website content is the content of the site quality, each site must have their own original content, can not be out of order or some pseudo original noble baby cannot read the content, can update the blog or news or comment, or your website will be punished

2 can use black chain and the chain

3 site outside the chain to stabilize


4 Google now pay more attention to imitation products

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