The thinking and direction on high quality links

anti spam content for some add anchor text and hyperlinks in the contents of the related weight seems to reduce a lot, even likely to drop the point of right. To do the high quality the chain, the first course is to emphasize the correlation. If you send an article in Shanghai Longfeng a fishing enthusiast forums, and do not say a moderator will delete your post even if your post is love Shanghai well included links in this article for the love of Shanghai is also garbage link. Because love Shanghai like Google so transparent mechanism, have been described for some algorithms, so many people can rely on speculation especially let these newcomers make groundless accusations of Shanghai Longfeng do the chain in disorderly fashion.

It is a great thing

before the Shanghai dragon pure advertising something easy to delete, but not before the Shanghai dragon owners pay more attention to traffic and website experience, the webmaster more is how to do their own website to recommend them to their friends think. Although we did not know that the high quality of the chain this thing, but I believe that either now or before is outside the chain of high quality.

par Who is the ultimate goal of

? Is the search engine, or the user? You release the chain is tightly useful or useful to search engine and user information to the search engine? Now you and I together reflect on it, although we do not want to bird me this unknown. I think we have too many people to link the two word choice was very use unscrupulous divisive tactics, because we may be helping others do Shanghai Longfeng, our purpose is not to IP and transformation, our aim is to rank. Our attitude produced a qualitative change in the commercial. Of course we may work for yourself, maybe it will consider these problems. I personally think that this is a matter of mind.

Since the release of Shanghai love ?

did not look back before Shanghai dragon chief

To master

money, I believe that even if you in the forum held a prize activities all will be circulated to each other, or even directly reproduced this piece of article to his blog, let more friends know. Obviously money can do it. But we’re all bitter outside the chain of migrant workers how to do

Do we

this line everyday emphasize one thing, that is the chain. The importance of the chain I will not bothersome, this is outside the chain of high quality. This probably we have been pursuing. Links will not say. Talk about my personal links on the high quality of thinking and direction.

believe it is not Shanghai dragon all of them, they will spend a little time on it, they do more to customers think, solve customer problems. Here’s an example, said Lu Songsong, he ranked it if you do ask him to do is what keywords? He just promote his website, including his early.


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