Site monitoring data non flow monitoring

1: recorded data included the number of total included: the front is introduced, included is the basis of a website ranking. Not included in the site, everything is meaningless, we want to make the search engine fully included in our website, as far as possible included more than page, so the collected data is especially important. We generally find is included using the site: instruction, the total number of pages included is the best percent of the total number of seventy or eighty.

site command that included more and more data is not accurate. Let the site command can fully display the number included, we usually use the site: URL + web page will appear the words such as the name of the web site. For example: a total collection of site:www.baidu贵族宝贝 love Shanghai can accurately check the training site. .

, a collection of data.


site data monitoring includes the monitoring of non flow and flow, the non flow monitoring website introduce.

website is not sufficient or not included in the following aspects.

But in recent years the

keyword ranking query may be the webmaster of the work day, but the general webmaster will only query website main keywords ranking, rarely involve other key.

included data records included several classification page 2. The classification page number included is helpful to understand the classification page that included classification is not sufficient or not included, and take corresponding measures. The number of pages included in the query classification can use the integrated use of search instructions, for example I have collected the query classification page, can use the intitle: class name site: website address instruction. If the web page address specification, also can do: site: website address inurl: address classification features, such as site:www. erfs贵族宝贝 inurl:/ Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon jichu/ number included here can query the site of Shanghai dragon Jichu classification page. Need to query the number included in a certain period of time, you can query using address features.

1, the domain name weight is not high, resulting in a page weight is too low to meet the minimum standards included. 2, website structure that spiders can’t crawl. 3, there is a lot of positive factor, search engines such as fish, JS link. 4, a large number of web content copied or reproduced, the original is not enough. 5, the internal optimization problem of link distribution, which makes the classification weight difference is big, the search engine is not included under the category page.

traffic data monitoring, here including the site of the collected data, monitoring data and ranking chain data.

The The

, the two ranking data.

: a collection of data to be recorded: 3 page features included. In order to quickly (of course, this is not accurate) know which page weight is low, is not good, you can select some of the characteristics of each classification page to check whether or not included.

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