Students entering the workplace in Shanghai Longfeng how smoothly through the assessment period

second, have the ability to learn good at summing up the. After the Polish first stage, if you stay in this company, I congratulate you, because the first entry to three months is also called stable stage, this stage is generally the most hard but not the most difficult work for the new, the main study is the new mentality and the patience to wait, "

I found a lot of website optimization friends are graduated from university students entering the workplace, the author found that many college students often have the following problem is I most dislike, for example, the most common is more impetuous, Yangaoshoudi, speaking a lot of theory, to build a website on the first, computer science but does not modify the site no template, code optimization, some good foundation when some universities themselves try to establish a website, make communication station base often relatively calm, because these people are clear goals, they know what they want to do what work, is also relatively easy to integrate into the collective, the author for many without any optimization based college friends into the network company website optimization of what should be where to start, and continued into the short. To the point.

first, fully respect your boss boss resolutely implement the strategy. I found many new recruits most likely to violate the mistake is to look down on their own boss, may your degree is high, can you say the theoretical knowledge closely reasoned and well argued, but after entering a company, you need to understand your position, since he can choose the boss as a supervisor, regardless of their ability, entry time, all aspects of interpersonal relationship and so on the details in the company performance is more prominent, not because of low degree is possible because the boss is rebellious, we know that after new recruits the most common is the work of the article writing or the chain, because the job is anyone capable, but many people are not doing a good job, no patience, impetuous attitude, this work let you do it on pins and needles, this time is the true test of your time And to write articles for example, if you want to do things carelessly, perhaps half an hour more than ten minutes will be a lot of meaningless false original article, if the intention to write may be an hour without out a high quality paper, or when the hair both at the time of writing chain problems are part of the new ridge this time, you can take your questions to communicate with a humble attitude and your boss, after you write an article and the best communication under the article whether the quality of clearance, after the release of the chain chain quality and superior flow, ability to integrate resources so as to improve their writing ability. The boss, your strategy and execution, with the passage of time you will understand what is the quality of the article? What is the quality of the chain. After this threshold, you will win the boss’s respect, more challenging new things will be assured to teach you, so the first thing I believe that new recruits fully respect your attitude resolutely implement the boss of this strategy is the first you must have the ability of.

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