Site optimization in the process of the novice is easy to fall into the minefield

first, the website keywords problem set. Keywords for the site location and site transformation flow is beyond doubt, a lot of time to choose the key words often become the key to success of the later website optimization, in their own Xi’an Lantian jade network as an example, the author mainly in the keywords optimization before the choice is Tian Yu blue, but in the optimization process of the main keywords but has not obtained the weight and ranking when the focus of the author will optimize the put in the auxiliary keywords above such as Lantian Lantian jade jade bracelet, price and so on when these words gain weight and ranking, the main keywords naturally obtained the proper weights, which is why it is a problem of the main keywords to evade the crucial point, the competition is very fierce keywords auxiliary gain weight and ranking is relatively easy, flow after coming through quality meet with the The needs of families, love Shanghai through user access to data will analysis this site quality of high quality user experience website main keywords good ranking is very easy, the layout problem is a key, must be natural, my title is the primary and secondary key combined with the weight distribution of reasonable natural language, such as Lantian Lantian jade jade _ price _ Lantian jade species and similar such way of writing two not blindly piling keywords Lantian jade, so it The loss outweighs the gain.

third, website optimization methods and Strategies of problems. The author thinks that a new and old station is a very big difference in the optimization strategy and the way, three months before the new content.

second, the chain construction site optimization on quantity, ignore the matter. I found that in the process of website optimization in the quality of the chain of pre determines the weights of the website to enhance the speed, while the late performance of the most prominent is the maintenance of stability in the main site keywords ranking, in view of this I will always trump the construction of the chain of high quality as a stable weight. Select high weight platform such as their website stationmaster net Xi’an Lantian jade in the construction of the chain, the local industry portal, is Links for other websites and their own website related to grasp, the weight of each other web site and PR will have a clear definition and requirements, because the moment as a white hat techniques we consider more is the value, value only continuous for the website to provide the station outside the station and to the long-term search engine certainly, what is the specific value of the author is reflected in the daily work and to grasp the quality of work.

as everyone knows, the search engine optimization search engine with the increasing popularity of technology has now become a professional, as a webmaster often and search engines to deal with the use of search engines to bring quality traffic to our website, webmasters and search engine is visible the symbiotic relationship, but many times a couple of impetuous mentality, often misunderstanding will inadvertently in many optimization, in fact the webmaster cleverness are search engines will be well documented, with the continued good gossip short and we look.

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