Return the user experience to discuss the Shanghai Dragon

regressionHow to judge the effect of

pop-up rate, access time, visit the page number the viscosity index of the website, also can be the search engine tool records. Pop up rate is low, the longer residence time, visit the page number, indicating that the user experience better, may have a positive impact on the ranking.

as we know Shanghai Longfeng workers Shanghai Dragon Technology search engine algorithm in the myriads of changes, at any time of renewal, but the final search engine is designed around the user, ensure the search results page is precisely target users need to search, or search engine users have been watching but updating algorithm. Did Zhang Shanghai Longfeng in front of many mentioned in the article is to improve the website content relevance, authoritative and practical, Shanghai Dragon Technology webmasters may know that use, so now is no longer operating Shanghai dragon of the above, we need to consider the user experience to discuss the Shanghai dragon

6. and Alexa

search result web pages in the search by clicks and proportion.

4. viscosity

5. hits

ranking web site traffic>

if a brand name or domain name itself by many users search, the brand’s official website the user is likely to be looking for the website ranking may be increased accordingly. If you intend to develop a website operation for a long time, think of a good brand name is very important.

user behavior ranking

repeat search and the corresponding click

1. search engine

, for example, a user has a Shanghai dragon website, subscribe to a large number of Shanghai Phoenix blog, a search engine can flow through the statistical service and RSS reader identification, the user at least for concern, Shanghai dragon is probably Shanghai dragon expert users in the search engine search results click on the first Shanghai Dragon after 10 seconds to return to the search results page, click on the third results, at this site visited 10 pages, stay for 30 minutes, then every few days, the user will visit again in the top 3 websites, and stay for a long time, access to multiple pages. Such a pattern of behavior if repeated, the original ranked third in the website is likely to have a positive impact, have important effects on improving site weight and ranking.

all search engines to spend a lot of money to promote their browser toolbar, mainstream search engines all hope they launched the tools to capture all the user’s browser. To promote their tools of search engine spare no effort, the purpose is not only to provide itself in the search engine market share, another important function is to record the user search and visit the page, how long to stay, the search engine can use tools to statistics.


3. brand name search

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