Share the first optimization love Shanghai experience

is mainly English Shanghai dragon, is mainly aimed at the optimization of general nobility baby, outside the main chain, recently received a new station, began to love Shanghai optimize.

10-20 the first registered large website blog. High correlation, science and technology, information and the like. For example, sent on behalf of iResearch etc.. This is in fact we all know, began to write the original article, every day, usually at the bottom left of the link to the site, most of the articles are written in accordance with the theme of the website. Sometimes this is also with anchor text, anchor text keyword is constantly changing, but the reprint rate is not high, so the thought of the Admin5 platform. Try to send an article, through, reprint rate is quite high, short time to increase the chain’s text, although the chain weight no anchor text, but others are forwarded to help you, the effect is quite good, feeling a little ranking gradually.

the next 2 weeks, every day a original article, first published in Admin5 by the words also released in other blog. Love Shanghai related domain is also steady growth, included are still increasing, some gradually up the rankings, the ranking has several long tail in the home, but the big point of competition is still about 4.5 pages. I feel a little bad is the station update not rule, don’t have too much time to update one station every day. Last week’s time, the original article is reduced, one every 2.3 days, think of the method is first released in the station, so love Shanghai included the re release in other blogs. The love of Shanghai spider climb every day though, update the page snapshot every day, but the station in the recent week but not included. Ranking is somewhat stagnant, or even slightly smaller drop. It also made a small part of the other chain, BBS signature correlation, love Shanghai Post Bar, know, library etc..


optimization is started around June 27th, just beginning the station did not know how to optimize, always think that love Shanghai very seriously Links, it is. But I didn’t start this regard, although the station name has more than 1 years, did not previously optimized, recently revised, content template for all. My optimization method is:

this station was optimized for more than 20 days, July 18th noble baby PR updated again, I checked that there are 2 PR, ha ha, Google looks very important. For the optimization of this website, I summed up, there are a few points to improve. 1, this station do not good, some of the articles are posted in the blog. Spiders may think that you are a reprint of others. But the update is not frequent and no rule. After then according to the rules to update the original article, 1 weeks of 2-3, which included. 2, the site has been included in the article and the source address with the article reproduced in other blogs. 3, the chain also diversify a little. Is not, is quality. 4. original articles on the chain of. Because there are several blogging experts >

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