Love the sea off of Taobao passenger abandoned Taobao A thing has its cause survival end

(2) 51 rebate network PR=5 love Shanghai weight =7

we use the data returned, 51 rebate network and Tesco network data:


three other website rankings are good, especially the return of net and 51 rebate network, they can see, Shanghai dragon >

through this picture, we can clearly see the return of net, wheat bags and 51 rebate network in the search results page, and in July 11th, I still remember the rankings in addition to the return of net, wheat bags and 51 rebate network, there is a higher ranked Taobao customers and the same is the third party platform Tesco shopping network, here again and say sorry to you, because of negligence, no shots, but I believe there should be people in these days searching Taobao mall, and there is the impression, however, on the evening of July 11th, I search for love in Shanghai Taobao mall ", found the search the results have great changes, the return of net, 51 rebate network, Tesco network and the top ranked Taobao customers, the collective in the results were killed, I can not help but want to ask, is it all a coincidence These websites are closed? Love Shanghai drop right? Today’s search results as below:

love Shanghai weight

, according to the recent love Shanghai "Taobao" and "taobao贵族宝贝" search results change, I have contributed two articles in A5, which are "love Shanghai abandoned Taobao passenger survival of Taobao A thing has its cause. guest" and "love the sea off of Taobao passenger abandoned Taobao A thing has its cause. survival (cont."), in my personal opinion, from Shanghai, and man-made aspects to do some analysis on these changes. In July 12th, I found that I was missing a little change, that is love Shanghai "Taobao mall" search results, changes in the search results, let me feel very interesting, it is necessary to take out and share all the webmaster. Due to negligence, not to Shanghai recently Taobao mall search results screenshot down, after a friend’s help, I found a March 28th love Shanghai "Taobao mall" search results screenshot, as follows:

1, Google PR and

(1) return included and the chain network is relatively small, but recently did not happen too much volatility, less because of the return of net itself did not share the community forum, just a comment mall platform, micro assessment network, is an independent domain name.

2, love Shanghai and set the chain

(2) Tesco network and 51 rebate network chain and set the relative return network would be a lot more, the reason is that these data are included in the amount collected and issued by the respective forum in the forum outside the chain.

PR=5 love Shanghai

(3) PR=6 love Shanghai Tesco network weights =8

(1) return the net weight =8

3 and other keywords ranking

Two days before

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