How to use the third party platform to do a keyword optimization

also has a whip Niu Shi forum, the effect is very good, ranking or. But there is love Shanghai blog, the other is Sina, NetEase. Sohu were not ideal.

my company is mainly engaged in the Shenzhen auto show, so I chose the Pacific, Shenzhen housing network related industry platform, and in my practice, found that the Shenzhen real net weight is very high, of course made a post, they are the content of the website, immediately be included, and have good ranking.

The second step:


The first step of The

The fourth step: leave a link The third step: the content editor

website in most of the time, so try to use NetEase, Sina, and so on various forums and blogs made an effective use of third party platform to do a keyword optimization effect, feeling the effect is still good.

the purpose of promotion, is to leave a link, this is very important, so I will leave. For example, the article from there.

I usually come directly copied from the website, a word does not change, the main reason is that I want to maintain the N blog one day, forum posting, no time to deal with. So, when I do content, my approach is: after determining an article, long ago I was rewritten, the front section of the content I guarantee in 80 words or so, and the key word to get in.

finished the above steps, we can usually see effect, especially the love of Shanghai, will soon be able to see the effect. But the biggest problem is to keep the hair adhere to, does not stop with the content and the new title into "

in Shanghai dragon has a very important job is to send the chain, and the chain has many forms, such as forum, blog, and so on a series of soft, everyday form Shanghai dragon staff.

so when I send when the search included, have a period for the description of the search results.


before, I have put this to the promotion of the key components of a text document, according to the long tail theory, different keywords to form a group, take turns to Sina, NetEase, Sohu, Tianya, news and other important right of the media, in the title, must pay attention to is, what are you going to do keyword. Write what keywords, and forward, also followed by a bit of literary words, it looks very good. Remember to try not to separate the keywords.

: third party platform.

when the actual promotion, through the third party platform with the need of Shanghai Longfeng work, also can do a keyword optimization. In fact, we choose to send the chain platform, there are generally good weight. Therefore, the third party can often give us better rankings.

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