swim network a truly original lies in their own hands

, happy net, renren贵族宝贝 belongs to the SNS community, write the article inside hair although not loved Shanghai search engine included, but there are still many webmaster friends willing to send the article inside, this is because there is a very busy person, a good article, in which the propaganda effect is of course immediate. Not only can import a lot of traffic to their website, but if the site’s articles to attract users, may make your order immediately soared. The SNS community can do soft Wen promotion, can you want to find the article on the other hand.

webmaster friends know taobao贵族宝贝 shield love Shanghai spiders, Taobao online articles, love Shanghai search engine will not crawl, so Taobao web content can also be used as a webmaster looking for original content of the treasure, and Taobao’s huge amount of users, every day in the above users also want to go too many to count. Find the article, can have the opportunity to select, what kind of article is helpful to your website, what should give up, there are owners say.

, a QQ space log

, a web site is the most important content, has the rich content support will allow more users interested in the site, to know the search engine is based on the user’s grasp the content of a web site, which is why many have Shanghai dragon website weight and keywords ranking is very good. So a website content will be webmaster friends to do the most important places in Shanghai Longfeng considered, the original article is not only the search engines love, but also the users want to see, stand in the stereotyped, will only make the search engine and users at the same time lose interest. Many webmaster friends know the importance of the original site, so the idea of trying to find some original content, for example, the most common are the following:

three, SNS

two, taobao贵族宝贝 article

more than three places, and also his constant concern, so the original article inside can really find it? The desire for a original article webmaster, where the article is not truly original, because many people are also copied in someone else’s website up, really have their own original that is very little through long time observation, it can be found that only the QQ space of the original degrees is relatively high, while Taobao and SNS released the "community

! in the community

QQ in China has become the most important tool of communication network are now up to seventy or eighty years old, and five or six year old children, have their own QQ, QQ space is a lot of friends as a spiritual space, every day to write the log space regardless of its number of friends. It would be convenient for our webmaster friends, because these are the log space will not be included in the search engine we love Shanghai, left hand right hand is a copy, paste their own original articles, if you can find a few such QQ space, then you need to worry about the original article

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