Keywords integration of commercial value

With the rapid development of

flow and value are not contradictory, why a lot of people in the choice of love is more popular? The reasons are complex, but more should be misled. After the popular keywords spend a lot of energy to make up, get in return is not proportional to the gap is more and more. May make up most of the flow after the customer contribution is in contrast, visit, instead of buying or real benefits. The real needs of customers, do not use a wide word to use, but to find the precise words, the final transaction probability of at least this proportion is very large.

The rapid development of

industry in Shanghai dragon, a lot of the same customers often choose words also tend to the same, this is an important reason for even before popular keywords is now more popular. In fact, the target keywords should not only to flow or conform to the trend, just for commercial value, namely the return and pay the maximum.

is more important.

industry in Shanghai Longfeng, more and more people use search engines to commercial development, it should take into account the keywords of commercial value, pay with a certain proportion of return is worthwhile, or in the strategy will make big mistake. Remember early when a customer, do whitening products of new sites, must do this kind of word whitening freckle, actually he is selling whitening mask, must meet the requirements in March, I opened a relatively high price, because in March to do really need a lot of time and energy, your customers feel don’t accept my advice, this kind of word do whitening freckle facial mask. Then get someone else to do, the price should be and I had to give the general product keywords almost, for more than a year, did not see the ranking. About this type of operation, the customer of Shanghai dragon ER is not cost-effective, if the right to guide customers to do their own professional customers, then return at least very reasonable.

on "keywords commercial value", some people think that the love of Shanghai index and search to the number of words are of commercial value, some people think the key words bring flow is larger, the word commercial value is higher, for these two views is undeniable, Jianwei think a there is no word keywords commercial value is to look at this word to bring what kind of user groups, and through the keyword user group can bring the economic benefits.


also recently a friend to pick up a single do finance, he chose the keywords when easily selected the word "T+0", of course, this is very much in line with most of the people in mind, a careful analysis of it, the word is very difficult, the index is basically in more than 1W, a new station to make achievements really is not easy, it is hard to pay and reward in proportion, after I explained the situation, he chose "stock T+0 and stock trading platform", because he is the main business in this area.

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