Look at the forum posts in Shanghai Longfeng water reflection

2, how to send the chain

address: 贵族宝贝 Shanghai dragon 10086.info/post/189.>


now I return to the point, please believe me now full of anger, why? Because I see in the forum is hundreds of years ago to see a post, Shanghai Dragon Master summed up the experience, see the secret love Shanghai ranked first in secret. The clouds are clouds ah, fuck it.

is not love Shanghai official, we can argue, I summarize a little bit forum posts often say those people thing.

many posts, no restrictions on the repeat, Shanghai dragon is really not what difficult topic, so we don’t need to enhance memory. Here, I pay tribute to the original blog.

do we believe these Shanghai dragon, all know "content is king, the chain for the emperor". When I heard this sentence, but a human think so. With the Shanghai dragon experience enriched, with growing confidence, has not had the young, and now look at this word, but think so.

3, articles should be written to the original, unique, can be reproduced by

1, how to find high quality Links

we are doing Shanghai dragon as in the old carpenter, with their ancestors’ experiences and more, we follow the prescribed order, is to learn from foreign countries, it is copied from the foreign devils.

to write a lot Links posts that should pay attention to this, note that, but this really is not fair to talk about than when talk about mutual benefits.

Copyright: reprint the original declaration: welcome to reprint, but retained the original address please reprint.

this time, you can directly copy others space hundreds of blog, have this ability, you really can be a writer.

5, the internal structure of streamlining the code,

such a simple question, I don’t know why you always take this problem does not stop suddenly, say others foreigners a post written more than 100 chain summary. The situation ah, you know, we do not like others. We need what kind of chain, I tell you, not high quality, not high number, not a large area outside the chain, but planned.

flat structure, concise code.. I wouldn’t do that if I would say Shanghai dragon, I feel at ease with the damn website than Shanghai Longfeng better, pro.

4, the space should be stable, or the domain name is K

I don’t know who acts as a matchmaker, the rich buy stable space, you will not be in this paper. I suggest you publish some they know as a stable and cheap space for our business.

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