Three years of operating experience Taobao Shanghai dragon ranking optimization tips



traffic acquisition category

six, Shanghai dragon post monitoring optimization

from the top two chart, you can find Taobao whole network the most hot search word, and appear in selling baby varieties is the flowers and roses, landing simulation simulation.

word value: here is mainly reflect the market trend, can let us see the market rise and the maximum amount of search search what words. For us to optimize the title, this is very important. Especially look inside the search words we can learn to rise, the market direction of our industry standard is what, can let us timely catch these competition relatively low rise search words, and can according to the keywords attribute rising, to adjust the direction of shop operation.

(1) Taobao home page, the system recommended words.

, a keyKeywords

, a key

Taobao Shanghai Longfeng optimization, first to choose good keywords. Now any keywords a category are many, and third party software to find keywords is a superb collection of beautiful things. We find that with Taobao keyword or official recommendation, keywords and outstanding market performance, we put these keywords as the preferred Title optimization. Find these words, mainly in the following ways:

word data cube in Amoy

, the five factors affect the natural ranking

value > 2

three, the establishment of a breakthrough

(2) Taobao TOP list


word value: here is mainly reflected in taobao贵族宝贝 now to the main push of the categories and keywords, is very important for sellers to grasp the market benchmark. Our simulation flower belongs to the small category, is of little value in this respect.


is a choice of value: These are the words recommended by Taobao search system, huge flow, belonging to the essential title keywords. The two is corresponding to different words Taobao recommended products, can let us know that the market is selling products, we have done for the store collocation package is an important reference.


(3) Taobao search drop-down box and you are not looking for the word


two, Title Design and combination of

can be seen from the diagram, now fence flower simulation this rising keywords greatly, one is that sales on the market trend of flower fence is also good, provides a reference for our new store development. The corresponding and related products, should also immediately add the soaring keywords.

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