Why is your keywords quality will decline

this time the boss asked, has been engaged in quality, the boss provisions are: I set the price, you can not transfer, you can modify the only responsible for writing and creative. This time I was completely defeated me boss, okay, what is what boss said. This is the style of boss, I also honed by years after the rest of the work style, to start. Love Shanghai bidding keywords quality degrees are calculated? In accordance with the Convention, we love Shanghai or take a look at the official explanation given


Click: click rate is an important factor affecting the quality of the higher click rate reflects the potential customers to pay more attention to the promotion and recognition. That is, the click rate excluding the influence ranking, geographical and other factors.

the most headache is a love Shanghai official in addition, you need to savor, competitors are in continuous optimization, to enhance the quality level. This means that your competitors get clicks and consumption is beyond your.

addition, quality is reflected in the relative level of keywords, not continuous optimization is likely to decline. For example, competitors are in continuous optimization, which improve the quality level, and you do not have any progress, the quality of your degree is likely to fall.

Creative Writing: creative writing level around the keywords more smooth, more creative, more can attract the attention of potential customers.

correlation: correlation degree correlation, including keywords and creative ideas and target page keywords.

quality = keyword bid + keywords + creative writing show + keywords + keywords + click on the consumer account comprehensive consumption + page relevance

is very straightforward to express the love of Shanghai bidding quality of the formula:

this is the most simple and straightforward calculation of quality keywords >

I love Shanghai for ranking formula is simple: keyword bid * quality keywords. Then, the influence of four main factors the quality of the key words in the picture, there are three very straightforward expression of the ultimate purpose of quality, whether on account rate, comprehensive performance, or the creative level of writing is to get customers click browse. I believe this point for all keyword relevance promotion of the website will not have much difference, you didn’t spend their money is selling food, you have to use drugs to promote their website keywords.


yesterday or three stars, today how to become two stars? You will be severely entangled in it, as I like boss, I understand that on this point with his mood, he didn’t want to spend more money like get better rankings.

account: comprehensive performance history promotion performance of other keywords in an account.

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