The necessity and methods of the construction of the chain of Shanghai Dragon

we do in the Shanghai dragon, we all know that when the site was established, will be updated every day, every day on time or not stop updating or the content of pure original or false original or it is the website as a child, wanted time to take care of. Every day to toss about point to open to see what needs to be changed, open to write something in it, so it is very good, because you want to prove, especially the original writing, as long as the stick around the central key words expanded to write some excellent original content in the relevant inside, there’s a good chance of success; but this is not enough, only pay attention to the internal construction, do not know how publicity is very difficult to get good rankings, especially our Do the new words, write not only add to the chain, included in a period of time is a problem.

forum, a commonplace talk of an old scholar, in the construction of the chain of Shanghai dragon is the most simple and effective method, but when we send a link in the forum must pay attention to methods, BBS signature can try, whether it is the anchor text or the chain or can even write up, increase the maximum exposure rate however, the best inside or in the forum post, a quality post, in the post inside a soft link or anchor text in, but should pay attention to the quality of the article, must not let the moderator find you have advertising suspicion, or could you hard in vain, too to remember for yourself next, or let other people help you, of course, if you write good words, many people go to the top of the natural member, maybe will be the moderator add, total And try to get more people to visit and reply, and let more people to use, so your link to turn away, oh, you’ve made your point.

content is king, the chain for the emperor, this sentence is not so simple to talk about, really want to do it we need, then we should be how the website construction of the chain of our


1) the construction of the chain of the forum to promote

3) the construction of the chain of soft Wen promotion "

2) the construction of the chain of Links

as we all know, Links, the most direct and effective method, through your relationship in the network or a public network terminology, to exchange your anchor text and links to other sites and you have the same or similar content on the site, but we need to pay attention to is the website of the other side, quality and weight, which is not to say that other high weight without you can’t you exchange, generally if the other site snapshot update is faster, and it is the chain website weight or high it can be linked, but if there is a high weight website to link to high weight the website that is better, Links exchange is a gradual process, not ambitious, suddenly add too much, and we usually have to check to see if there is no death. Chain.

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