Web site chain optimization really so important

in the chain optimization diagram of


link relative website internal links, has become more and more important. Before the website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, we all know the chain for the emperor, the chain is king, the chain released a lot of information for the website, can bring a lot of traffic into the website weight and good website can bring better rankings for the web site.

and the chain optimization is an important means to guide the search engine spiders crawl web content and links, but also through the optimization of the chain, guide the other page access information within the site, increase.

what is the sites within the chain? Love Shanghai encyclopedia is this for web site chain optimization introduction: "what we do in the chain will optimize effectively so as to improve the weight of a page indirectly to search ranking results. At the same time effectively lead the search engine spiders to crawl the entire station."


search engine spider crawler is a process simulation of user access to the site, the equivalent of the user access to search engine crawlers toread, the station of the content analysis, and make a preliminary judgment whether to access the site, the weight value of the site and whether to give the ranking, if it can bring value to the user. If the quality of the website provides better, conducive to the user experience, the site will continue to judge the search engine as a valuable platform, the website will give a certain weight and ranking, the user can get a certain rank when searching for specific keywords, obtained by traffic users.

sites within the chain at the same time, as the Shanghai dragon Er is necessary for us to understand and know what is the site within the chain within the site chain optimization? What does it mean? A Shanghai dragon optimization by finding love Shanghai encyclopedia, the chain refers to the mutual link between the station under the domain name of the content page in the same network, the electricity supplier in Shenzhen, home of the website, the website domain name information interaction link, such as keyword link A page under the domain name "URL link to B. Website internal link structure which can improve the website search engine rankings and website to obtain better weight, is an important part of website optimization.

In the understanding of The external

now with the rise of the Internet, the network above every day will produce a large amount of information, the search engine for processing hundreds of millions of information, is a very huge project, the search engine on the web content included and capture has become more and more picky. Want your web site to be included and ranking, whether it is the webmaster or site of the Shanghai dragon optimization personnel, in the station optimization has become more and more attention, for the understanding of the site within the chain optimization is more and more thorough, the web site of the chain optimization has become an important part of Shanghai dragon Er daily work the.

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