Website optimization of play to your strengths

, is to explain a problem, we need according to their personal situation to do site optimization, but not stubborn in a so-called process to do, if there is no chain resources on hand, waste every day for several hours to get the text, signature, just not worth it, get through the soft Wen and the signature is within the page links, low weight, the weights of the website promotion play a very limited role, and in a few hours every day to send the chain, the better the content well, but is another way, a not clear straight hair of the chain, the chain and content are not well, a little merit is not, what is the map. Bread 贵族宝贝mianbao0贵族宝贝/ feeds, please keep the link

I think website optimization should find their own advantages, and then try to play to their strengths, weaknesses, with their own advantages to make up for the disadvantages, some technical weaknesses if you do not, you can do as the place to do better, everyone is good at something different, but in the hands of resources is different, some people are good at writing, independent thinking and analytical skills, you can write a lot of articles insightful, and there are a lot of manpower resources, some people are good at doing marketing, is called a fresh all day, you do not how to make up for their own shortcomings, but how to play the advantages of the to a limit position.

There are a variety of excellent website

in the Internet, there are some sites like the content is not very strong, the update is not particularly awesome, but it has a high popularity, some websites almost no chain, never to do outside the chain, but rely on high-quality articles for a large number of loyal users, in the tiger sniffing I saw the words very pertinent: we never believe that content is dead. Yes, I have never believed that content is dead, it is relying on excellent content, unique comments, tiger sniffing got so proud. There are some sites, no substantial content, not updated frequently, but the chain is particularly much, this website can also get a space for one person, because they have a hand chain resources is extremely rich, can easily get a large number of high-quality links.

, thank you!

I am not a good network marketing people, no matter what type of website is mainly for original content, high-quality content to impress users, though not very well written, but not careless, better than some garbage soft Wen is much better, at least I write, share the heart let us learn something, perhaps, expression is not very good, the language is not so sonorous and forceful, but as long as they can make things clear, let users understand enough. Fortunately, many users are content to my admiring, even if my blog was not outside the chain of strong support, still get a good ranking and traffic.

Some cases cited above

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