Don’t drop right revision two or three step operation


data are updated due to the love of Shanghai, we can only use SOSO to find the former website tittle, the first is the revised website tittle, the second is the website before the revision of tittle. The revision of multiple keywords before the rank of the website page second, multiple keywords revised website home page. Although these are the key competitiveness is not strong, but at least a little revision does not necessarily bring down right.


revision for many companies, it is imperative to. Why do you say, now most companies treat the attitude to know the company’s website. A herd behavior, this phenomenon is particularly serious in the small and medium-sized enterprises. The name of their website label set is roughly the same and all. In the chairman to slowly realize Internet business, search engine rankings, started to pay attention to the website of the optimization. In the face of these enterprises to optimize, how should we change? If the site itself has some weight, revision will not be right down here? We should pay attention to some details, grasp the revision of the scale, let the search engines do not punish site.

tittle writing before the revision is too long, there is also the question keywords accumulation. In the pages indexed by search engines often can’t display your web site tittle. Don’t say too many keywords will distract the weight of this problem will not, first of all to the user in the search engine watch brought inconvenience, because indexed pages can’t display a complete tittle, the company’s name will often not be displayed, which gives the company propaganda also brought certain influence, so the author has made a simple the change of tittle.

we saw in Shanghai Longfeng white paper, the name mentioned above the article page in the form of the tittle+ website. I think that a lot of people misunderstanding, here is not the name of the web site home page tittle. Because.

wrote the article page

enterprise website has already done most of the pseudo static, so the basic revision is not for the content page, and we were included in the search engine page is the most is the content page. The link address unchanged, at least to ensure the traffic is not too serious loss.


three, tittle

tittle is most likely to cause down the right reaction, but to have a degree, the search engine will not be directly sentenced to death. For example, I change a video site site tittle, has not been right down, instead of keywords in the rankings obtained.

, a page link invariant


two, tittle change at least 60% original tittle

for the last revision of a enterprise site tittle:

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