Exchange chain ten note to all the webmaster

8 robots.txt, have you noticed? In general, each site will have.

6 IP, with the friends of the chain should pay attention to. The best IP website is not with friends of the chain. Because a few years ago when the influence of war, caused the search engine is very sensitive to the IP website, if multiple sites are the same IP for each other, so that a search engine will think you’re cheating, the impact is not to say, we all understand. Of course, if only one of the friends of the chain with the IP website, it is generally not what problem.

3, eliminate the JS chain. Love is not a spider crawling JS Shanghai link, so, if you want to exchange chain website, the Links part is JS, then please stay away from this website. In addition, some Links website is to use rolling form, this website also will have to be careful, it is best not to chain.

7, pay attention to the nofollow tag

. For the label to understand it, can refer to love Shanghai Encyclopedia: NOFOLLOW. To explain in great detail, in fact, the main role is, when the label into the code, marking this label content will not be search engine grab. That is to say, when we do friends chain, to see whether the chain is part of the nofollow tag, if there is, then please leave this site. Add this label will not transfer the weight.

1, first of all, to use a variety of tools, all kinds of information you want to link to the website: collected snapshot, and chain, chain, PR value, weight, keywords ranking etc.. To see whether the site is K, friends of the chain number is too much (less than 25 can) etc..

2, don’t waste sites to do friends chain. What site is garbage sites? You can ask Baidu. Why not instead of doing a chain? Waste site survival time is very short, usually in order to make money in the short term rapid construction site. Perhaps the amount collected is very large, but we must note that the article, whether the original content? This website is normally collected each big website content is published. The weight as can be imagined. So in order to the healthy development of their website, away from the garbage site.

4, not illegal, cheating site chain. This is not what to say, illegal and cheating sites, even when not being K, the latter will be wiped out. So, in order not to bring trouble to their site, away from this kind of website chain. With the IP site in this type of website, you have to be careful oh.

5 pages, links can? A website, the highest weight "is the home page, so under normal circumstances, friends of the chain do website homepage. The inside pages of a chain, someone is doing. However the weight pages transfer values will be very low, is not up to the requirements of the effect, so under normal circumstances, enterprises or other types of sites, not to exchange with other web pages of the chain of friends.

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