Do not malicious website optimization sense is down right or be K how to do

, what is the site to drop right

two, the web site is down right? Be right down how to do?

is usually the chain is right down is because recently done in violation of search engine operation caused by Ian, but found some time ago in Shanghai Shanghai dragon sex didn’t do optimization optimization is inexplicable malicious right down. Today I site is down right or be K this topic published some of their views, coping strategies and give some down right after.

strategy: in the website officially launched, the layout of /url format are fixed, and avoid the on-line soon change was right down. Of course, in the process of operation of the network, in order to increase the function to enhance the user experience is when some thing, if your site is stable because update the high quality articles, this is the right down through a period of time outside the chain of high quality to recover.

strategy: many websites will be "Links" this operation in the process of optimization, then Ian this suggests general business / personal website Links control in 20 below the best, and pay attention to the "quality Links" in the exchange links, and refused to cheat the optimization of the site link. At the same time to pay attention.

2. site frequent revision: often makes the spider often changes to the site to re recognize your website, so the optimization is not friendly.

4. added link farms: this point we should pay special attention to, especially the "you link to me, this form I link to you".

strategy: changing the stable server or source code.

strategy: if the site was hung black chain, suggest timely removal of the black chain, to improve the safety performance of the web server, and update snapshot complaints. Love the Pimpernel tell us the garbage outside the chain of radish, is used to reject the (portal: refused to junk the chain)


3. sites on the black chain, or buy black chain: general server security did not do a good job of website is easy to hang black chain.

1. server and a source of instability: This is because the spider often visit your site visit the abnormal caused by this site is down right is normal, because the spider can not access the website users can not access the general search engine, certainly do not want to put in front of a regular open web page in the search results of

? The What are the reasons for !

site is down right after the first thing is to troubleshoot down the right reasons, analysis of website recently about 2 months on the site did change after adjustment, then analyzes the possible causes of the site was down the right and as the corresponding coping strategies. Here are some common cause site is down right and recovery measures:

website down right refers to the search engine on site assessment level drops, is a kind of punishment on the website of the search engine. Usually for the website itself to correct the error of cheating, after a period of time will recover.

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