Analysis of the optimization of a new station

second is their love will be submitted to the Shanghai site, but do not know why, every time to submit your site will only let me love Shanghai, love Shanghai site was included more slowly, perhaps love Shanghai will think you are deliberately.

How to optimize the

according to the analysis, the cause of this problem, a space server and website are inseparable, because many sites where the host is different, if you find yourself in the tragedy of the host once a IP is love Shanghai punished, then congratulations, winning, not unconventional means let love Shanghai website, then the only result is in sight.

third is also a very common way, Links! Of course, you are a new people to.

so we can take what non conventional means let love Shanghai as soon as possible included it, first of all, we should understand what is the principle make love Shanghai included in the site, included in a web site, he will send his site grasping spider love Shanghai again and again to you, if there is no problem, this the website will soon be included, so the spider is the problem, how can we attract spiders crawl over is the crux of the problem.

a website to do just do the domain name resolution, line on the website, at this time, the love of Shanghai have a assessment period on the site, we can also call it a "sandbox", love Shanghai will do a period of study on the new station, the time for some three days on station. Shanghai love can be included, there is one week, two weeks, what is more, will reach a month, still not love Shanghai recognized so the cause of this way is what, how to solve it.

love Shanghai

first, we can use some of the conventional way to attract the love of spiders in Shanghai, such as: the chain! No, all the earth know the way, but when the release of the chain, remember to use the anchor text of the chain, although the love of Shanghai has approved the text of the chain, but the actual operation effect, ten the text outside the chain is not worth an anchor text of the chain, because a forum will attract a large number of love Shanghai spiders crawl, and anchor text you release, can be very good to Shanghai to attract spider to your site, submit by website.

railway station, this is a problem that many webmaster very headache half a bucket of water, make your own website how fast to be loved in Shanghai included, how to select the appropriate keywords, how to optimize the internal structure of the website, how to make your site ranking rapid promotion and so on, there are many webmaster need a headache, and as a webmaster hands ten, twenty, or even forty or fifty websites need to manage time, this problem is more tangled, here, according to the author’s own experience for everyone to do a new optimization station specific analysis. Pure water does not contain any dry cargo.

: how to make your website quickly be included in

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