Analysis of several methods for site speed

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5, oblique line on the URL link in the search: when a user opens a web link, the server will calculate the link which belong to the file or directory, if you choose the link with the back slash (/) or (/) (../../)… The server will be. Quickly judge the link page which belong to the directory, "accelerate the development speed, reducing the page load time.

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2, CSS style: website all pages are basically in the same CSS style file, there are some useless function style files, there are some blank spaces and enter, and some functions can be combined, all of these can be optimized for weight loss CSS style, reducing page load time and there is an online optimization CSS style -CleanCss tool, you can try to use.

Optimization of

3, the picture: the picture page format is generally JPG and GIF, JPG format images are generally larger, more color pictures. Some logo, buttons, arrows, signs such as small icons generally choose GIF image format. You can use the -save for the web photo editing software, or use the online photo optimization tool, thereby reducing the image loading open time. Also note that when the insert picture in the page, pictures to note the code and high, so in the process of "loading in the browser will give a picture for picture space, so that it will be in the image loading will also load other content, speed up the entire page loading time.

website is an important factor in search engine optimization, if a user in his patience time if the website loading does not finish, most users will choose to give up waiting, these users will leave to improve the bounce rate, increase the rate of jump out of direct influence is the user experience, and site search ranking, the website will receive the weight effect. So how do we avoid this problem? For the website speed, let users page open speed in the short endurance time, speed method from the following aspects.

Optimization of

4, reduce HTTP request: everyone should know that HTTP is a kind of network protocol hypertext transfer protocol, when the user request to open a website, "in every picture and text will request the server to respond, such a request will extend the web page loading time open, so we have necessary to reduce the number of HTTP requests.

1, space choice: if you do foreign trade, do optimization to noble baby, recommended to choose foreign space. Aiming at the choice of the domestic server space is best, choose the best server local regional enterprise station, select the best server – speed limit, see the company’s strength and demand!

are some of the details of the place, is indeed able to reduce the web site with >

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