The enterprise website optimization station Shanghai dragon enterprise website how to do

main navigation: to facilitate users to quickly understand the company and the company’s services and products, but also allows users to quickly contact us;

this problem must be all enterprises in Shanghai Longfeng practitioners are the most troublesome, an enterprise can provide products and services to the Internet is limited, how to produce high quality "is not an easy thing. In fact, for an enterprise station, create web pages is a very difficult thing.

two, the content of the website

module: call content should be the latest and most relevant, most popular and most concerned, users are most interested in the content, the composite call way, multi dimension and provide other relevant web crawlers and users.


station link: the main theme "only part of the link anchor text, this part of the link to products and services recommended words should mainly pay attention to the anchor text bold, anchor text keywords follow clear and simple principle;

site structure consists of four main parts, and the main navigation navigation station link, call module. A good website structure, not only can improve the recognition of the spider on the web crawler, and convenient crawler website data, but also enhance the user experience of the website;

navigation: help users and crawlers to locate the current position, and browsing path, help understand website crawler structure classification.


is not the original value, may not have the original value. The original is mainly for search engines, users can not distinguish a good article is original, but the search engine can help determine whether the content of valuable data. Do this.

, a web site structure adjustment

can’t deny its natural inferiority enterprise station, not to mention the love Shanghai search engine is willing to give a enterprise stand flow is older and less. Enterprises within the stations of Shanghai Longfeng what to do:

high quality original content, the word is love Shanghai stressed, the original simple is not enough, the need for high quality. Of high quality content: unique rare and enriched content, reasonable layout, clear handwriting, page forms, reasonable use of the label;

1, high quality original content

website, Shanghai Longfeng popularize basic knowledge and practitioners increased year by year, resulting in similar site competition, increase continuously adjust and perfect, anti cheating plus love Shanghai algorithm upgrade and punishment, whether you feel powerless to Shanghai dragon


even worse is that you do is search engine optimization of a enterprise stand. Coupled with the boss of Shanghai dragon’s lack of cognition and one-sided, again urged, to your question and so on pressure, do you shake the optimization of a corporate website of patience and determination.

content value is

Reduce the cost of the

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