Shanghai Longfeng exactly what needs to be done

3, according to the latest news to write, may also become a hot spot.

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three, the website should be how to write the original article

, a chain of

2, find related articles, this article rewrite most of the content, even if the original is similar.

1, overall data analysis: because this is the analysis of the basic data, the >

to write original articles, for some people may be more difficult. But we can collect information through websites, enrich our minds. You can take a look at the industry outstanding articles, and then processed, such an original article about idea of good.


two, Links

Shanghai, we are not strange, but to become a master can be difficult. Become the master must have a lot of conditions, but the most basic sensitivity to the data. If this were not qualified, so want to be master also don’t talk about. Shanghai dragon for many novice, they will only send links to send the article, think to do a good optimization, can enhance the site’s ranking, although this is not wrong, but this effect is not good, will inevitably lead to the optimization of excessive blind, can not get a valid the flow. Want to become a dragon Shanghai veteran, be especially sensitive to data. The data analysis should be mainly what

maybe a lot of buddy will ask, the website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization in the end is what? Shanghai dragon is not a new industry, Shanghai site optimization is actually very simple definition of dragon and Phoenix in fact, buddy from the following aspects about

Shanghai dragon master how to make

external links is the search engine one of the standards for the weight of your site, external links resources can help you easily improve the search engine’s weight, so that your site included, rankings are relatively good results, for the chain small website partners should know the quality of the chain is much higher than the number of the low quality of the external links, you get more, better than a high quality external link function, moreover the title need is novel and interesting, and is also the basic content, high quality content and the title of the novel can bring high quality links, because of the high quality articles often easily get reproduced, so buddies when the chain need to pay attention to the quality of the chain, the writing of the title, quality and relevance and the content of the

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can say that friends of the chain is the chain of the boss. From a long-term perspective, a good friend chain, the top of the tens of thousands of other chain. So we find Links to see if the other site and your site related, content is sufficient, whether the site is stable, if the snapshot update frequently see each other, how many friends of the chain, is what industry, because the enemy can find friends even

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