Teaching new site thirteen website to small cheats

is search engine punishment so we should calm down to find out what parts of the error caused by search engine punishment, investigation of the opportunities we can quickly put some small hidden other modifications, which can cause the next time will not encounter problems and so on.

Since We must have the same type of

search engine punishment is mostly by the website content to drag, because now the webmaster love to use some acquisition system and the overall copy and paste content for the update site, in fact, is not the most search engines love and the most taboo thing because we collect and copy the contents the Internet is repeated many times the content, search engine spiders to crawl to your content and online is the same so the spider will think your site belongs to garbage sites and for a long time not to grab the page.

, learn Zhicuojiugai

yesterday morning in Shanghai and love the big update a June this update, many website rankings and included a sharp increase a lot, especially some of the new on-line months of new sites in some competitive keyword rankings can now see the talent shows itself, so the search engine is more attention and development the new station, although there are many websites to get a good return but also a small part of the site in Shanghai dragon by the optimization of search engine punishment, causing the site overall weight decreased, decreased beenincluded decrease the keyword, not updated snapshot, so today we then the period of "new site twelve: course teaching a talk about today’s topic website punished and how to make it back to improve several common methods of" website ranking and flow .

two, the analysis of the competition advantages of

four, in the external links

station and the site of many US competition, this is actually a good way of self promotion we can analyze the competitor’s website, see what are the places to do better than our own website where we can learn from learning or is our website can make some small modifications to it’s good, so in the course of time your competitors or staying in the same level, but your long-term on the site for maintenance and improve the user experience so you can slowly go beyond them.

three, the original content of essential

"content is king, the chain for emperor" I think the webmaster have heard this word, visible web content and the chain is essential especially the importance of external links the site, the webmaster.

station since we have to do a good job search engine punishment for, who can guarantee their own optimization there is nothing wrong with the Shanghai dragon is the perfect reason for the punishment of the search engine is to give us a webmaster to learn and modify the chance of error, the following is to cite a few methods to teach you to get rid of punishment.

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