The Domain is not in the view of the first extension final report

1. Analysis of

if a site is down the right, then the first must first understand why the site will be right down. " " can get an antidote against the disease. We can think about, recently took the operation? Led to domain is down right? There is no mass outside the chain, is not a problem with the entire station website content quality? There is no formal website and do Links exchange? Is not compromised! (Links exchange if you have a friend chain a site is k, then you add a link to its support. Love Shanghai noble baby search engine spiders will follow the URL address of the website crawling to your site, and a judge may also give the right down. So we Links, 3 days -1 weeks to check or necessary. In addition there are some other) is not the cause of domain is not in the first place. On the front page of Domain can refer to view in extending the first (a) > > condemnation in some situation, solve the problem as soon as possible. It is not the first element of the first domain reply as soon as possible.

drop right domain

2. The most important period of stable

has a lot of friends often say oh, some time ago website keywords are ranking, why no rankings all morning. Man: why is our website online for more than 1 months is the keyword ranking, believe a lot of friends have to think this problem. Why should this problem in second, but also from the boiler www.shenfengguolu贵族宝贝 drop right about the boiler network is down right domain is not the first time the original articles are the pseudo original and original small part. Drop right after the first is to exclude the potential downside of this result. Then the site for a long time not updated. (there are many webmaster friends published articles included in our website on the day.

is on the point of view Domain is not in the extension of the first (one, two) after 2 articles published by many webmaster circles understand and do not know a friend support. We Zhengzhou Fangyuan network continues to write a final report today. Domain is not the first to believe part of website promotion may have met this kind of situation, this is due to their own web site to do the undue influence or were not as a problem. (recently everyone is more concerned about the Shanghai dragon circles keep a few years the position of Shanghai dragon why forum dropped to second pages, there is news that is because the server stability caused by some provinces and regions, direct access to. As this may solve the problem can not be sudden trouble really no way to completely avoid. ) so if a problem is that by reducing the power. We should do to minimize the loss of favorable operation make? Let’s try to understand the domain after the first drop right if the right to reduce the loss of the favorable factors:


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