Speculation recently love Shanghai will have a big adjustment rules

too far, continue to return theme. Before the love of Shanghai adjusted outside several large quantities of warning, website snapshot, back stop. Large quantities of the web site is included to reduce or increase. After the sign, is mass website went down. Love Shanghai is a sophisticated search engine, his ranking algorithm rules and Google compared difference is not a point, often is a group of black hat to QJ. So he will continue to be updated, to prevent the destruction of his people malicious ranking order. At the end of last year the group station just explode even if.

morning to see the site of several state, found that there are four or five stations in the No. 17 snapshot stop. There is something strange, several station weights are good. A revision of the total station yesterday, the snapshot back to number 10. A client station, keywords ranking is very stable in the home for a month, three of the long tail word fell to the second page, the subject still standing on the first down.

remember a few days ago on micro-blog to discuss Shanghai dragon, a friend said, Shanghai dragon, the search engine is, the enemy does not move, I don’t move. If the enemy move, I move first. Later you think carefully, this thing is really. Without specification at all every adjustment to love Shanghai always, always come and say, change the change, often to do Shanghai dragon friends against loss.

recently do not know if you have noticed, the weight of love Shanghai Encyclopedia has increased a lot. Before the search product, home is also a Wikipedia entry. I am a customer of the product in the search word love Shanghai, home appeared the word encyclopedia, also appeared in four of the long tail word encyclopedia. Do not understand the love Shanghai mass which is a weight adjustment encyclopedia, trying to kill the gang do Shanghai dragon


change more, we will slowly become accustomed to. Go slowly, each change, there are a number of standing ranking is not fall, the total number of stations is standing in Shanghai love top down. Careful analysis, we know that although Shanghai love changes, whether big or small, for enterprise stand for, is always around the content and the chain, or more, can remove the content. I practice, a fully understand Shanghai dragon people, to do a enterprise stand ranking, he only do outside the chain, all the work every day around the chain to do, nothing less than the B2B platform information, Links and buy high quality links. What, what the original, what station optimization, all flash side, after two months, the ranking is up…

Shanghai dragon will always scold love Shanghai, do business will scold love Shanghai. Shanghai love is not fair, as the world’s largest search engine, his money is not innocent, his method is disgraceful. What time, love Shanghai really knows when it is fair, Shanghai dragon Er love began to love Shanghai.

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