Love is not love Shanghai lazy acquisition of irresponsible behavior

4, irresponsible acquisition: first need to clarify is that love Shanghai refuse to say the acquisition, refers to a copy of the existing content on the Internet, collection content without finishing all pushed to the line of "lazy" behavior. For the collected content for further processing, integration, high quality output of "rich content, no reason to refuse to love Shanghai. So, we say, love is not love Shanghai lazy acquisition of irresponsible behavior.

4, love Shanghai love respect the original website, you can reprint other website content, but please do not put the keywords others website content, brand word to get rid of the original source, leave each other. Although this is turn on

2, Shanghai does not love love a copy, the collection content without finishing is released to the lazy website. Many sites are reproduced in the article, not original, reproduced directly to oiwn website. Love is not love this website in Shanghai.

everyone to see the content building under the love given by Shanghai stationmaster College introduction. So, I have to share my personal views on the two words:

these days idle, I took a look at the Shanghai School of love inside in the end is what. By understanding, I found that the contents are similar. However, for the content construction for me is very helpful, I also believe that the owners must also help. Below, and Shao Lianhu love Shanghai college blog about content construction introduction.

only give you the content construction of College Station 4 and 100 reprint 5 content:

3, fell in love with the sea will severely punish those irresponsible acquisition, is the collection content on the part of key words, brand name changes and then posted to the website, want to cheat love Shanghai this is the original content. Love Shanghai also said that this is not love love Shanghai, the risk is very big, please look at the high risk of these words, we consider the consequences.

a few days ago, that love was founded in Shanghai love Shanghai college, mainly is the webmaster training class. There is love in Shanghai working principle, content construction, website construction, website optimization course. I think the above contents are similar, there is no detailed understanding of why.

5, pseudo Original: Shanghai does not love above we love irresponsible acquisition, so some people began to move from the original head of camouflage. After collecting content on the part of the keyword batch edit, attempting to make love in Shanghai that these are unique content, but the content is completely different, can’t even read this is not love love Shanghai, great risk. Or just said, love Shanghai not slice site collection content, the key is how to use the content and data acquisition, how to integrate into users and search engines need content is the webmaster should consider the content.

1, Shanghai does not love love a large collection of web sites. For example, your web site is the most original content, occasionally some content can be reproduced, love will not oppose Shanghai.

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