On the popular keyword and short words are what is the difference

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we often see a lot of keywords is very hot, but there are a few websites is up by Shanghai dragon. For example, "Beida Jade Bird", the popular keyword search volume in more than 2000, but SERP is a love of Shanghai by Shanghai Longfeng make up site are not.

: please keep the

short, keyword analysis should not rely on, or feel analysis, we should rely on data analysis.

don’t put some long words as cold words, such as "Beijing Beida Jade Bird how", "Beida good employment" and so on key words. These words from the length of view is really long, but this does not mean that the search less people, but that does not mean the competition site less, or even think of such words from much of customers.

today and everyone to share different hot words and phrases, if there is a good place, please advice, some friends think so, not good to do some popular keywords, the competition is very fierce, since it is not good to do, don’t do it! I do not talk about this problem.

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many webmaster friends will understand the popular keyword search keywords for many people, like Shanghai search engine mentioned hot word list like hot words here is purely judging from the number of search. Short head is a technical term in Shanghai Longfeng industry, especially those related to the website keywords search volume, competition and more to do with the enterprise or individual product or service. Can see a common hot words and short head has a search volume is high, but the degree of competition and the related degree is not considered.

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