Longfeng promotion and resources in Shanghai to the industrial upstream layout makes you as boundles

for example when we do blog resources, in fact, can be said to be the promotion and resource development, when we do blog resources accumulated in Shanghai for example, dragon and phoenix. So we will be familiar with, what is the upper reaches of Shanghai Longfeng, upstream downstream is website construction, web promotion and Internet marketing. We are looking for our upstream, for example we want to do it to Shanghai Longfeng upstream demand. You must finish the site after a person needs to be done to promote Shanghai and Shanghai dragon dragon, do not necessarily need to do website construction. According to this logic when we do resources, such as we do blog resources, independent blog or two level domain name or the third party blog or blog. We can do the construction of such words, and then guide for Shanghai dragon.

resource construction layout of the upstream must be planning a good time cost, because the upstream is not our purpose, just use this to attract users.

in the promotion of the same time, we can go to the construction site of the group to promote or go to the website or forum forum to promote our content, of course, do the chain and promotion of. It can also play the function of many people now shooting two birds with one stone, bound by the word correlation, that Shanghai dragon must do and Shanghai Longfeng exchange Links or in Shanghai dragon forum outside the chain is the best. In fact, this is not just a small, relevance judgment factors of the chain. The official also said that Shanghai love to see users have not really recommend your site really recommend a very important factor is that if the user clicks, click on your website, then this is a value to the users of the link, of course is not just one of the factors which will involve click, bounce rate, residence time these factors, such as PV.

but you can be sure that if a hyperlink does not click on a page that is of no significance, basically can transfer the weight is low. In fact, the internal chain is the same, I found a lot of people love to do their own target keywords a link to the home page, the user can click? Certainly not, such optimization will only lead to excessive optimization, and can not play a real effect.


now I found some of my friends do Shanghai dragon eyes and not let go, only in their own eyes this one. For example, I make the stone fish, so I just do this stone fish a word, not to look a little amplification. In fact, you can zoom in to the characteristics of food and beverage, can also zoom in a little bit. You can look into the restaurant this one, certainly can do low cost business. Not just stare at the stone fish at this point, it will make us great limitations. For example, many people say that they do not make the promotion of the chain resources, there is no place. In fact, there is no such problem, the problem is not open your eyes, your limitations is too strong, personally think that when one of the technology to a certain extent open thinking and vision will become more and more important.

When we do the

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