The website external links optimization strategy

how to ensure that the chain included

operations are generally divided into two parts, the first part of the high weight link, one of the strategies is also easy to fall right. High weight link refers to the authoritative website or web site links pointing to us, we can be connected through the exchange of friendship, home page Links exchange, cross Links rapidly increased the weight of the site within the page or home page.

network long pass sentence let many webmaster know the true saying external links for the importance of the website "the chain for emperor", in spite of all external links is not our website optimization, but it is in the website ranking factors always plays a vital role, divided into external link anchor text links and direct links, anchor text the link can rapidly enhance our website for a keyword ranking, and links can enhance the overall weight of our website.

The benefits of

external links not only to ensure the weight of the chain page, but also to ensure the readability of the article, here the readability of the article refers to do not add a keyword or anchor text or deliberately. In the article, it will affect all users to read, and the search engine may be judged as spam articles, delete after which were not included or included, or as spam links not to calculate the weight.

believes that most of Shanghai dragon Er all know the importance of a high quality and site or external links, and we should pay attention to the quality of external links rather than quantity, a high quality the good than you do outside the chain of dozens or even hundreds of spam links have effect.

The second part ?

refers to the external links to other web pages or web site on the Internet to our website home page to anchor text links to.

external links to the site to bring the

resource strategy, resource station operation there are a lot of risk, does not recommend the novice webmaster using this policy, if the operation is not easy to let the search engine that is cheating and right down, but the resource station can quickly improve our website weight. Also in the blog, BBS, question answering system and other outside the chain of our release.

External links

two, not in the article to join the website link.

external links

, not greedy (each page of the best guarantee of two links, a link is the most healthy)

webmaster friends think make full use of resources, with a number of external links in each article, this is a big drawback, the first is the possibility of the search engine in this article is not included, after second is included to delete will cause drop right on the site, after third the weight of each link is included is limited, is not conducive to our website optimization and ranking.

what is the external links


three, so that the release of the article is rich in content, with high readability, best quality.

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