To understand the nature of the chain website promotion do not worry

: the promotion of brand and core keywords.


believe that we do the chain is nothing more than three purposes (such as the spider is not). One is to improve the site weight, but the search engine of these early is adjustment, to leave a link basically do not transfer the weight of large area, especially the webmaster friends search engine love their own products, now do not transfer the weight; the two is to improve the keywords ranking, for this, the current search engine the strike is also more powerful, a lot of garbage outside the chain is not within the scope of calculation; the three is to drainage. More and more webmaster friends have seen the search engine’s attitude, understand the chain transfer weights and improve the keywords ranking has become the past, then the drainage became everybody hope to get results. So how to drainage


even seemingly formal vote for Links, users of the share, this is cheating. At present, so the nature of the chain is in the promotion, the main function is to drainage, so as a webmaster should how to do the work of

sites do not let the chain do? A lot of the time we have this.

for most of the webmaster, you put the chain to see this one is quite important. Although the algorithm update, but we did not reduce promotional advertising links. How can we send the chain? A5 has been revised, canceled the soft zone, love Shanghai Webmaster Platform algorithm is fast in the update, July 1st is the introduction of Scindapsus algorithm version 2, this series of measures that we should pay more attention to the value chain, soft Wen also need to provide substantive content to the user. So, as a webmaster, we in the end how to send the chain? Understand the nature of the chain guard that is the key to victory.

two: the foreshadowing, the sound of silence.

leads to the proliferation of advertising website management work increased, many sites have seen the chain or advertising directly deleted even titles, only reserved the original area let you leave a copyright. As for the chain, this is the accumulation of advertising, almost 0 (of course, the spider is OK). In this situation we should how to send the chain, how to promote? Recommend Guardian website needs to conform to the reality, write an article, a good article can not only bring you the high quality of the chain, we will bring forward the better propaganda effect. So webmaster friends should play to their strengths, their own brand and core keywords as the key, into the original article, even if this article is not a link, in fact, has been largely to our idea to pass out. Here we do not recommend an article at the physiological add their own brand and core keywords, we do not recommend the site to not related website. Of course, for we said not to write original, can’t write. You can go to attend the training, or listen to the guardian of the six true tactic: see, think, write.

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