Shanghai Longfeng optimization must pay attention to several problems in the

today put the problem and share with you, hoping to help other novice friends. What is the problem?

The main reason of The

Links is very important, and Links, delete Links is to be cautious, one day, the Commissioner of the chain we suddenly deleted 10 several links on the site for the reason, there is no other site I site, and then collected and ranking sites would stop for a few days I don’t know, this is accidental or inevitable.

2, for Links cautious

website ranking problems in this domain, because there is no record, there is no way to use domestic space, so I bought a Hongkong xirang for the space station! Originally all development is very good, but one day after more than a month, found a snapshot of the site stop, is even more exaggerated included page display is extremely unusual, the title of the site was originally a terminal machine, even stripping with a terminal machine, speed 7000 / automatic terminal machine – hour Huambo automation ", but the site website is in the terminal machine display love Shanghai, see description also, the page from the original 88 dropped to 25, obviously, the site of a big problem.

1 requires a high quality of the space

website is a terminal machine enterprise station, domain name www.wb881贵族宝贝, the station began to accept from me, I only spent less than a month’s time, the ranking from the blind side to love Shanghai before three, but unfortunately, due to some small good times don’t last long, after the accident, make a originally a good website ranking dropped to three, has been hovering between the love of Shanghai 5-6, a direct result is that I can’t charge money of mine.

webmaster all know, website optimization is a very troublesome thing, a little wind sways grass, will interfere with your work, even let you to cast to the wind. For this, I have a deep feeling, just two months before I pick a site optimization order, let I deeply feel the website optimization is not easy.

at the beginning, I thought it was Links problems, have been implicated, but through the webmaster tools query, seems to be no problem, where is the problem? A moment confused! Second days suddenly think that will be my neighbors involved? Query other sites with IP, this does not look don’t know, a look surprised, the website with IP have told me the same question, and many are not even included, obviously, the IP is in love with the sea K! Quickly contact the space business, the space drained away, and then wondering, ultimately cruel ruthless, or buy the domestic space earth record now, after all, is independent of the IP? In the space of seamless link, website for second days, and finally normal, but, unfortunately, the site was apparently drop right, so far, the site included or not, ranking Not to mention.

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