The guard enterprise website down right innovation risk operation thinking is the key

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with the Internet thinking has become the current hot words, it seems that the traditional industry with the Internet thinking will change the traditional industries of the play, so many companies started a website, with the electricity supplier, but turned to have a look, all these so-called enterprise website is only ten years ago, the enterprise website reprint, the only change is there is a more gorgeous coat, and looks useless all kinds of interactive pop and interactive contact, so the enterprise website after a brief brilliant, quickly become silent, and loved Shanghai right down.

third, the innovation of interpersonal relationship. Do have a wonderful life and different approaches but equally satisfactory results in the love of Shanghai, search algorithm about "people with type annotations are fully Birds of a feather flock together." principle. And if the high weight website for interoperability, for the low weight site will get high weight the weight of the site passed. So through the innovation of interpersonal relationship, on the site of the world, and to deal with the high weight of the site, and as far as possible and they made good friends, the formation of Links, the weights for the promotion enterprise website will undoubtedly play a very important.

second, enterprise website is the "wine is also afraid of deep alley, with many grassroots Adsense website, through a lot of free templates to build grassroots platform, and professional website construction company has unique architecture and innovative platform for the website, as well as the difference between a bungalows and villas. But if this villa can not be publicity, also will not be sold, so many enterprises website started innovative marketing ideas, not only through the love of Shanghai PPC Marketing by Shanghai dragon to optimize marketing, and marketing through the soft Wen, and these marketing work will not consciously enhance the enterprise website weight, so as to prevent the enterprise website is down right.

first, innovative website content. The traditional enterprise website content can use two words to describe, that is "pale", a beautiful picture seems to tell the user which is an enterprise web site. And the success of the enterprise website you will find how the contents become so rich, from the enterprise to the staff style style, introduced from the enterprise member forum to enterprise products, skills Raiders, and various relevant industry news. These rich content makes an enterprise website attract users to the capital, and effective user interaction, but also demonstrates the diversification of enterprise website content. In order to completely transfer the traditional enterprise website ills "pale" content.

is right down the site, why the enterprise website is always the most hurt that a group of serious? This is actually because the enterprise website has a congenital deficiencies, only a handful of acquired through the efforts to get rid of the corporate website is right down the fate, and these websites have talent shows itself. A common feature, that is innovative business ideas, the enterprise website as the industry website or portal to operate, so as to enhance the enterprise website promotion space. Here to discuss these innovative ideas for the operation.

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