The design of the navigation of the web site optimization

From the viewpoint of

3, deputy navigation.

The structure of

2, breadcrumb navigation structure.

said the site map, many personnel website optimization may directly relate to submitted to the search engine sitemap map file, making this type of map file submitted to the search engine spiders more in-depth crawl to your site. But here want to say is that the map navigation for visitors made intuitive website. When the site columns or too much content, can with the site map navigation user access. At the same time it will be more conducive to the search engine to crawl and grab, more conducive to the website optimization.

1 site navigation map.

summary. I think these classification and analysis, in fact, the starting point is from the user experience point of view or website optimization perspective. Site navigation is a key site in the optimization of position, so the owners have to pay attention to the content, and in the learning process, to continue consideration and summary.

from the website optimization perspective, the importance of breadcrumb navigation as the main navigation, but its role is not strong. On the company’s site, the main navigation website is to switch between multiple columns and page, these columns should include product programs, news and information programs and other column page or some single page target keywords, and breadcrumb navigation is the combination between the first two or three columns, page and the content page.

said Vice navigation, (Shanghai Minyuan Vocational Technical College) you must know its role is to help the main navigation, usually the general site will rarely use the side navigation navigation structure, usually using the condition are in the main navigation is the use of Flash or image, will be in the bottom of the website with a a navigation structure. The reason for this is still the first to site optimization, because we all know the navigation structure or Flash image search engine is not very good to recognize, and with the help of navigation can reduce this problem to a certain extent. Deputy navigation is usually made by some anchor text keywords website which consists of. For a site for side navigation is not necessary, but the side navigation is more conducive to the promotion of a tiger with wings added, optimization of the site.

The structure of

website optimization, website structure main navigation is located in the most important position in the site, this is a search engine spider crawling to the first position is the most favored, weight is high, can be said to be the site of the weight transfer structure zone. In the website optimization process in addition to the main structure of navigation, site navigation, what classification? Here to do some analysis:

since 2013, the search engine algorithm, some people say that change unpredictably, Shanghai dragon in this industry may disappear, some people say, Shanghai dragon this industry is being ushered in a new development.

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