Search engine drop right ranking down the 10 factors

There are many reasons for the

search engine drop right, especially for the love of Shanghai, it is impossible to predict (the reason we all understand, not to say). So the search engine right down the problem, sesame also can only here lists 10 reasons under normal conditions to be right down, let the webmaster friends detours, hope to help everyone.

site frequent revision, contains many aspects, generally speaking is for the website in a range of modifications, can also be called revision. The website sometimes it might be for a better user experience, but remember not to be revised several times within a short time. Especially the title of the website, page layout, program changes. First of all, the title of the website in general, modify the time within 3 months, as well. More number of changes, is likely to influence the weight of the site itself. As for page layout changes and changes in procedure, where sesame is not recommended you change. Because the former will affect all aspects of the site keywords ranking, the latter will affect the whole site included, for the most unfavorable site.

if you buy a lot of Links, then one day suddenly stop renewals, all Links are lost, then you will get the punishment of the search engine, even more than you buy Links, worse, or directly by K off. Of course, this is not to say that can not buy.

four. The site on top of the black chain, or buy black chain

this is not just for the optimization for the disadvantage, so the user experience is not good. Then you can not access the site, the site in all aspects are not what meaning. For the influence of the ranking is also quite serious, long time, often cannot access, and even make the website search engine directly K off, perhaps. In general, I will reserve a price is not high, when there is not access, can be temporarily transferred to the web space, to ensure the normal access to the site is the most important.

five. The chain lost the high rate of

three. Adding link farms

link farms refers to a web site: the site every page are not valuable information, in addition to other websites listing each for links, no other content or rarely content. If you just link farms to unilaterally link to you not what effect, but if it is to exchange links, so you can easily be directly K off, so in exchange Links, must pay attention to the review of exchange links.

. and source of instability.

black chain is always webmaster circle taboo, a short period of time can bring to the site weight and ranking, but soon the search engine will be seriously drop ~ so don’t buy black chain, will eventually be right down The loss outweighs the gain.

two server

site frequent revision:

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