Shanghai dragon how to use short URL

is currently the most mainstream, 301 redirect URL shortening service


short URL (URL compression, URL shortening) originated in the micro blog, to solve the limitation of micro-blog’s popular 140 words, because of the convenient and easy to remember, but also the mainstream short URL service providers provide click detailed statistics functions, widely used. This is an old article, some people asked about the short URL problem recently, so wood today Shanghai dragon to take out this article analyse.


of the site in Shanghai Longfeng marketing process, the promotion of the site URL is definitely yes, but most websites will use this web site to shorten the function, general now station system or site in the station when the company has already done the URL specification work, but we still use compression in many. When mentioned below.

short URLEasy to use

means for the noble baby, short URL does not have a negative effect on Shanghai dragon. Moreover, short URL service providers are using the 301 redirect, if short URL will be included, the weights obtained by transfer to the target.


then use short URL has no effect on the Shanghai dragon? Matt Cutts engineer nobility baby on this issue as to answer:

we love Shanghai short URL service example: enter the shortened URL, click on the shortened URL will be randomly to a web site, you can also customize it in short before, pay attention to the good domain after shortening, each URL corresponds to only one short. The following figure: 贵族宝贝 Shanghai dragon is short URL wood Shanghai dragon blog, do not believe you can try.

The vast majority of well-behaved URL shorteners have good uptime, and also pass PageRank and anchor text because they use a 301 redirect.

not only has the advantage of short short URL, but also have certain benefits for Shanghai dragon.

The application of (love Shanghai)

short URL has no effect on the Shanghai dragon (Google


short URL in social marketing, at the same time, click view data, now is widely used, some examples, many people don’t want others to know his web site can publish short URL in the URL in the promotion, micro-blog released information due to the limited number of words can use short URL, there are a lot of blog love Shanghai, cloud disk address, especially.

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