The enterprise network marketing road in Shanghai Longfeng and bidding

concluded: Shanghai dragon is not a panacea, not bidding and Shanghai Longfeng opposite. A lot of enterprises the best mode is Shanghai dragon and the auction are done, let the two to achieve the purpose of complementary, so as to realize the network marketing success!

we know that Shanghai dragon is very slow, but there is another drawback is that the degree of competition, a lot of long tail keywords Shanghai dragon is very easy to do search engine home page, but some of the fierce competition in the tail word or the main keywords, using Shanghai Dragon technology is difficult to achieve the home page, so for this part of key words, we have no need to waste too much energy in the Shanghai dragon, which we use to make up for auction.

: first let the bidding and Shanghai dragon to achieve complementary, mutually make up the defects of


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also is to say that most of the long tail word we use Shanghai dragon to reach the purpose of search engine home, but the feeling of Shanghai dragon do not go up, or it is difficult to sit on several or dozens of popular keywords, so we don’t waste, use for it, because not many times, so the price realized it so down! Shanghai dragon and the auction was achieved on the harmony of complementary. It is to use the Shanghai dragon on the word of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon do not up words bidding.

with the development of the Internet, more and more enterprises have embarked on a network marketing route, some do Shanghai dragon, some do, some can do and do the bidding of Shanghai dragon, then for the enterprise whether successful network marketing for Shanghai dragon and the bidding how to do

the second plurality: network marketing promotion Shanghai dragon and bidding

The original

Shanghai dragon and the auction is the main way of network marketing, but not all the way. Therefore, we only through the network to our product or brand playing out is the network marketing mode, and many methods for Shanghai dragon and bidding have certain stimulative effect, this way depending on the way the industry will be different, mainly rely on the enterprise network staff to find their own, that is to say to all the opportunities to promote their sites, including the promotion of line.

for the current enterprise website to promote out, bring traffic and customers, there are two ways: Shanghai dragon and bidding. Bidding is good, but expensive and discouraged many enterprises, so the choice of Shanghai dragon, but the slow progress of Shanghai dragon and make a lot of business owners have a headache, can not find how to do! This is a lot of business owners face network marketing headache problem, then what to do?

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