The effect of the neighbors Links from the perspective of three

These include

we are looking for high quality Links will need to be more careful. We are looking for a hard-working neighbors, not lazy neighbors. We want to see its love Shanghai snapshot update is frequent, how many original content website, etc..

then, if we are interested in yourself links have doubts, we can conduct a simple search, I believe we all know each other’s site: website address query collection. If the domain name of the page will not be displayed in the search results, probably because the site has a problem has been K, we do not link to the website. We want to ensure that you want to link the site clean background. The insurance is the link to our website even Links the other friendship check.


neighbor is not much in the same Links. We don’t have to go Links, think more is better, too many friends of the chain is not what role, but also may have some trouble. Looking for a good neighbor at the same time, we should also keep the site clean and tidy, let us become a good neighbor, but also beneficial to the site search ranking.

mother live before the graveyard, beside the bazaar, and Mencius neighborhood children learn adult worship, the pig, which directly affects the development of the mind, this is not a good neighbor neighbor. In the network neighborhood, any use of bad or immoral means, trying to improve the website ranking or mislead users of the neighbors are a bad neighbor.

Mencius want to grow up to become educated people, she moved to live near the school, the school is reading places, have great relevance. Also, we find the first network neighbors also have industry correlation. If you are a basketball and other sports activities to promote the site you link to cosmetics or jewelry website is not so good, of course, if the popularity of the website and the weight is very high if the exception.

what kind of neighbors is a bad neighbor


‘s mother was worried about Mencius Mencius neighbors, move three times, finally moved to a private side, so Mencius self-cultivation, school reading. The effect of the neighbors is not only suitable for interpersonal communication and real estate business, is also applicable to the construction site. A bad neighbor is not a good Links, will lead to your website ranking drop, even you will be removed from search results.


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dirty tricks and improper behavior: shelter, spamming, install viruses or malware, black hat, link farms, keyword stuffing, hidden text and links, bridge and so on, all these violations may lead to site is love Shanghai or any other search engine punishment. If we have Links and these sites, our website will at least be judged to have fault in association. Many websites in time by K, but also by some Links implicated.

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