Free let users listen to your command of the Post Bar drainage techniques one year weight 4





love Shanghai Post Bar drainage step

this is a very important step, the final step is to guide the user operation is an important step, the method is very simple, want to see all the articles, you can search into the site to watch the Moumou Moumou, this update is slow, I believe you read in front of the story, you will definitely want to keep going, because the story is attractive very powerful, see the comments that readers not fun, look, is not to let users.

Shanghai Post Bar for love, we are not familiar, even most of them are playing Post Bar master, before the editor is to leave a link and pains in the Post Bar today, boring when Post Bar around, only to find the link with out has been in Post Bar, true master will not only do a show link. But let the user enter the site of the drainage way obediently, enough domineering most probably don’t know it, oh, also included a November 4 of the weight of the website for reference.

put ads at large the better to apprehend him

novel web site does not lack the story, the best selection of men is the protagonist of the novel, it is convenient for the user at the same time, obscenity, to stand in the angle of women to share a beautiful picture, although most people know that love is the beauty of Shanghai pictures, but is willing to believe that you can see the degree of hot share stories.

method is very simple, the first analysis of novel user groups, mostly men, for men to drainage Post Bar lot, "girlfriend" and "legs." "crush" is a male figure, Xiao Bian today is wandering "girlfriend" and "legs." that way, drainage do to let people admire. But this method not only can be used to guide the flow of color, can also be used to promote their own products.

At the end of 3.

case is a 90 novel website, domain name age in November, nearly a year, but this is not the site of the domain name age on-line time Oh, may spend less time to do weight 4, exactly how to do it? Come listen to me carefully.

for men, to the Post Bar purpose is to pass the time, communication is the best Korean jokes, stories of the drainage way, according to the analysis, discuss the topic mostly male, cannot do without women, therefore, the woman Post Bar also have male exchange place very much, right leg stockings and so on, here is Cen Huiyu not one by one example.

found 1. users often go to Post Bar

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first look at the year 4 of the weight of the case website

2. share a wonderful story

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