Domain is not in the first home page causes and Solutions

for personal reasons causing this situation that is not right down or is punished, always feel these words too scary. Update speed is just love Shanghai slowly or not caused. Of course, this is the new station or low weight station, if the site is relatively large, such as stations such as Tmall, Jingdong, that basically love Shanghai for them is "24 hours care".

[domain is not the first home page

domain is not the first home page

why did this happen? We found in domian in the first home page also don’t be anxious Xunyiwenyao everywhere. Because domain is not in the home for the first love in Shanghai did not publicly must be right down, so don’t worry. Look at yourself recently is not what "sorry" about the site

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and many webmaster exchange and my personal experience in Shanghai dragon, often the most prone to domian is not in the main reason the first page or the three label website: titel (title tags) and keywored (keywords label) and description (description tags).


[domain] Why is not the first home page


photo – love Shanghai station guide

in the last week I have to change my blog description tags and navigation classification, although not on the site of a major revision, but just because these two caused love Shanghai search brand word "next to the Shanghai Phoenix blog" to search the station as well as the cause of domain is not the first home page.

also said that in front of our domin that is related to the domain, is not outside the chain. Some friends see my domin value ten thousand or twenty thousand to tell me your new sites to do a really good job, not a month the chain will do ten thousand or twenty thousand. (halo) this is a serious mistake, once again that domain is not the chain.

domain is not the first home page, do not know if you have not found your site domain is not the first home page or you now for the problem of worry. So today we will introduce why domain is not in the first home page causes and solutions.

How to solve the ]

is the first normal website update, some people think that the site is down right is very anxious, originally a day update 10 article, suddenly one day update 100 articles, this is the method of operation is very failure. The results do not only get ideal results, it will be self defeating to let the search engine think you are doing this as a search engine, this is love Shanghai very taboo search engine.

] is what

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