How to reasonable and effective disposal site to temporarily stop the phenomenon

content quality must be reasonable and lawful

no matter what kind of website of the framework in every hour and moment changes, such as the part of the site did not repeat the program code in the early site, but when the site of too much data will change the code, it will affect the entire site, in the face of this situation as a webmaster must ensure that their website frame is simple and coherent standard. A simple frame structure to love Shanghai and included spider crawling, so the author suggests that the general website the best open source program, then do simple to modify their own. The website frame coherence told us the URL must affect each other, and can not appear dead links or repetitive links. The standardization of the website framework is mainly aimed at the code of the website, the Internet now popular variety of code, many free programs using the code are not standardized, a webmaster to avoid.

web framework must be simple, coherent, standard

hanging black chain is a family style means some people, at the beginning of the operation of the site, the site is often linked to the black chain, and most of the time you don’t know, only to see when to display the source code through the web page, this website is a means of great and if you are a local website, and on your website.

is a web site if included in the beginning, over a period of time after the collection is not good, then the content of the website quality, site framework, web site security problems, solve these problems as long as the collection site will continue, the following is a detailed talk how to solve these problems.


website is like a pair of scissors restricts the development of the site, regardless of how to change the search engine algorithm, web site is always the core part of our website. No matter what kind of website is the first thing to improve your head, but in the actual operation process we will find that part of the site at the beginning of the collection is very good, but after a period of time included suddenly stalled in the face of this situation, some webmaster there’s nothing.

site security mainly focus on illegal black chain

is not the original content of love is not to say that Shanghai will support more words like Shanghai more recognition, the content of a web site to the search engine key support is to see whether the content is reasonable, sensible and lawful. Reasonable content tells us that the content and website theme, theme and future development, to address the needs of users are closely related; the contents of plausible tells us that the content of the website with some thinking, not beyond the limit is not exaggerated; legitimate content tells us that our website content does not violate the relevant laws and regulations, but also no violation of other power content. I believe that as long as the content of a web site with these three points, so regardless of whether your website content included without rectification in the content of the site quality.

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