n my eyes what are the symbol of Shanghai Dragon

industry is the inevitable result of Shanghai Longfeng change rapidly which not only benefited from the popularity of the network, and will also be mature to search the crowd, using traditional thinking about their own site approach is obviously pedantic and in such a case, so in the eye in the future of Shanghai Dragon Industry what will become. Or what are the dynamic

with more and more people join the Shanghai dragon industry, Shanghai dragon internal environment of competition at the same time, the industry will also usher in development.

network construction, optimization of the rankings have been getting a lot of attention of enterprises, and set up some sectors to do this one, but everybody does not understand what is the work of their hands in the end, how to carry out. Even practitioners are also in a blind state, write articles, send the chain, make the user experience, and is relatively high, but still the same old, a superficial reform, when we are talking about Shanghai dragon has become more and more difficult now, there is no thought we were too slow, did not keep up with the times the progress of


as a web site operator or SEM, E-Marketing practitioners, Shanghai Longfeng knowledge will become the bottom of the knowledge structure, regardless of how the search engine algorithm changes, the principle is never change. That is to say do rankings no matter what time, grasp the content, the chain, the user experience is not wrong, although this is the vernacular, but seize the core thinking, innovation for some friends to get some nonsense is a limit. After all the webmaster do a website now have some sort of impatience, love innovation, play tricks, but what effect, I want to see some of the cases will be able to know. For example, before the reform of excellence, outstanding page blindly gorgeous but lost the essence of recruitment, namely simple job search, want to do innovation lost duty, so its development is restricted, in turn, a site if not this is a fundamental point that grasp the content. What are the curry favour by claptrap.

Shanghai Dragon technology is accompanied by the development of domestic product search and development, when more people benefit from Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon industry will usher in greater development and more fierce competition, no doubt. In this case, whether the search engine or the industry itself will be gradually standardized, large-scale Shanghai dragon team and the company will gradually move toward the top, and the small companies that bangqiaoceji will lose development in the constantly adjustment algorithm in the results is the strong stronger and the weak weaker situation. This is a case of Shanghai dragon industry in the future will have to face, now have to highlight the form of this part, by virtue of the general site optimization means one, has been difficult to make up the ranking, as in the past to abandon the survival of the soft, chain exchange and so on has been constantly updating algorithm, and these are the main means of small companies, without this support, small companies without the resources to support is difficult to continue.

?The future development of

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