Love love Shanghai cigarette ranking mechanism analysis on the website

For the record,

4. The record in the China is inevitable, love can not love against Shanghai, Shanghai to conform to this view of the government, it is impossible to make a no record rank too close, he would not offend the government. So to get the first domain name record, and the record number in your own website, or if you will not be recognized by Shanghai love record.

for ranking mechanism love Shanghai, Shanghai dragon believe learning optimization techniques simply will understand one or two, today I will talk about love Shanghai ranking mechanism for Internet users to click. Can be said to be anti cheating mechanism.

Simply talk about the use of

3, regional, for IP cannot be concentrated in a certain area. For a keyword search area proportion, love Shanghai is recorded. So basically the allocation according to the proportion of Shanghai love IP. We love in Shanghai (index.baidu贵族宝贝) can be found in a distribution area in the distribution area of a keyword, keyword search, in one day there will be a difference, but not too much difference, if a keyword only concentrated in one area, this is obviously not normal, Shanghai certainly love will pay attention to this situation, Shanghai love robot can also easily find this abnormal phenomenon. For example, the following figure, [] lock jade palace when we love Shanghai index search can be seen in his distribution area.

software to brush the search results click love Shanghai, should pay attention to the place.

1, when you click on the search result content, if always click on your station, it will be punished in the sea. Love Shanghai for this flow chart analysis, keyword search results for a flow chart analysis.

6, the original


5, contact information. Whether the site has its own way of contact, determine the site of normality. The more formal website, more likely to be recognized, if there is no basic normality, love Shanghai will think you this station has been run down without basic security, is likely to do a period of time will be very close, so the search engine brand influence.

is a part of the webmaster, brush ranking by Shanghai dragon optimization software. Love is in the Shanghai search results click on your station, in order to increase their rankings. Love Shanghai has such a ranking factor in it, but not so simple.

. Shanghai love information database will record the original site page number, number of total pages. In order to judge.

2, when clicked, can not stand you suddenly a lot of traffic, but in front of you no traffic, you give 30%—40% traffic to the station in front of you, to separate the 5% row behind you, so your site’s ranking can steadily, it can also be fool love Shanghai machine anti cheating mechanism.

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