To solve the site is down right reincluding noble baby baby poor ranking noble practical tips

sites are noble baby drop right even K station, there are many possible reasons, such as the typical acquisition station, space is not stable, or before the noble baby ranking is also good, one day suddenly disappeared in the ranking of nobility baby inside, but also included in the noble baby. To solve these problems, can be adjusted by the following techniques.

is the first to consider the site itself a commonplace talk of an old scholar from the point of view, the optimal place for excessive dilution, continue to upload original content value, check the website Links whether the guide is K station, whether the site is linked to the malicious code and so on, in fact, this is also applicable to other search engines, looks simple, a lot of Shanghai dragon er know, but it is not so easy.

love Shanghai occupies most of the domestic search engine market share, so many people love focus sex in Shanghai, love Shanghai website optimization ranking for the assessment standard, but as a truly engaged in website optimization promotion of Shanghai dragon Er, optimize the promotion is the treasure must be noble. And a lot of website optimization is mainly for the nobility to the baby, such as for the international market of foreign trade website.

When the

website optimization we talked about of course, whether it is love or Shanghai or noble baby or not, or other search engines, we must be the premise of doing stand, stand in the user’s point of view to do station, the real value of the website, because only in this way, the website can have their real life.

finally, when the site adjustment after a period of time (we are monitoring a comprehensive website this time is not 1~2 a week, are at least 2~3 months time monitoring points), found the baby ranking noble or poor, there is no website content timely book, can try to apply for the noble baby advertising, which is GGAD. This method is quite useful, there have been a friend of the station before the noble baby ranking can also, can also be included, but one day disappear to the outside of the top 100 rankings, later included no update, after repeated details, I could not find a better way, and in when a GGAD application, the website has miraculously in 2~3 days after the application, to be indexed, ranking.

website operation to a certain extent, there may be many unexpected situation, such as problems included, rankings, space is not stable, domain name hijacking, site traffic, exceed the standard chain of crazy drop and so on, all these need our webmaster in practice slowly summed up the experience and to look at the good experience to share.

second, can be added to the website of noble baby webmaster tools, diagnostic opinion monitoring given by noble baby, sometimes noble baby webmaster tools can really get a good adjustment strategy, and more powerful tools, really do website optimization promotion, is the need to learn to use these powerful tools.


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