The official site optimization techniques

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million a month is not so simple, because do not see a monthly income of 10000 yuan, a see someone sales so well, under orders, many shop sales of Taobao are out of the brush, a day to sell dozens of sets, you look at his sales history, the same person repeated purchase, these.

believe that many friends will rack agency, has its own set of rack website, perhaps many beginners do not care about this website, a lot of people do not get the site to optimize the

first, send this set of official website, certainly has its reasons, some people will say that money to do promotion, do the bidding, are in the advertising for the official, let them better software to sell, this is just part of the reason, the novice can see, at present Taobao software sell good shops, they the website is not Google ranked high, is the love of Shanghai ranked high, if you rely on the train to promote the software that your daily click costs will be a very large amount of money, you may sell a set of software to earn enough money to promote others point out, Ali’s mother, basically what role did not, so few clicks every 1 months, Ali mother invested 200 yuan, may also sell a set of

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some people would say, website promotion, as well as the shop to do the promotion, website promotion is much more difficult than shop promotion, these words are those who don’t Shanghai dragon skills, never do website promotion say, website promotion is really hard to do, really need to invest a lot of money. Today, posted the purpose is to introduce a free site in Shanghai dragon optimization, every day you only need to spend 1 hours to write a soft Wen, the official website to send, rapidly improve the site’s ranking in Google

website traffic, here is a very good green Shanghai Longfeng optimization software Wang, interested friends can Google search into their home page to see Wang Tao, soft power, my site is you can Google search "buy Jie Yitong" "Jie Yitong" best buy "agent Jie Yitong" more than this several keywords ranking is my website natural ranking on the home page, page second page third there are many words such as "Jie Yitong" Jie Yitong agent platform "official" and so on, here to say that, my website was less than 1 months, adhere to the original articles published daily, quoted 1 some other good posts on the Forum on your own website, if there is no effect, the store opened 1 months, sold 3 sets of software based. This is all from search engines, there are 3 customers in the negotiations! Yesterday I opened the train one day, fell 100 yuan, basically no effect! Are malicious click, point in 3 seconds out, here also hope that Taobao can optimize the train, who come in 10 seconds to click on the button for 10 seconds not money! What do you think of software, if you really want to order this software, at least we should look at the

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