How to design both the user experience and search engine friendly website

At the same time when the

2, JS script, CSS script external call processing.


search engine does not love a lot of redundant code, as far as possible with the amount of streamlining the code to accomplish the same function as the guiding criteria, such as table DIV to change the layout, refinement of CSS code, using DIV layout is as little as possible to reduce the DIV layer nesting these conforms to Web2.0 standard.

navigation is important in the search engine, the main site navigation and navigation station is universal, so the navigation to try to clear, clear really play the role of navigation.

on the other hand, when dealing with navigation to use text navigation, as far as possible to avoid the use of pictures or flash.

3, eye-catching and clear navigation system

website design from the past blindly follow the fashion, now the user oriented transformation and oriented search engine is irreversible trend. To search engines, search engine friendly or have emphasized the importance of the website search engine – no search engine, where visitors? User experience or improve traffic or or increase access depth of the page, the new concept of web design to search engine and user adaptation as the main body of this. After testing many successful websites and has become a new trend.

1, code simplification, layout clear and smooth.

in the static process some sites require Javascript and CSS style uniform used in finishing the corresponding JS file, CSS file for external calls, generally do not directly to the code written in a web page, which can maximize the reduction of the amount of code in the page, the page loading speed is also conducive to search engine spiders grab more favorable! At the same time, in combination with JS code as long as the JS file is too large to minimize the number of script files, this is a standard

then how can it not only takes into account the ranking algorithm of search engine, and also promote the good user experience that? Shanghai Longfeng factors should be considered in web design? The following tips for web designers have to pay attention to.


the Internet based industry experience in the development and change of the long time, now slowly into the rational development track, especially now in the search engine more and more people control information search today, good user experience and good search engine ranking in the whole process of the construction site is focused on the need to consider the direction of the.

page layout not chaos, to do before the static web page on the layer structure of the whole of a clear plan, with DIV structure may be reasonable to give "static end is king. Reference standard: General page size not more than 125K.

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